Monday, February 10, 2014

Precious moments

At this time in our lives we get very little sleep. This mostly due to the fact that we have "given in" to out two littlest who demand to share our bed with us. So much giving in has been done to the point of getting a bigger bed. Perhaps we are doing it wrong.. I'm sure there are specialists and parent books galore that would wag their finger at us and command a change before the babies are ruined. But in my heart I know that every moment is precious even the sleeping ones. All too soon they will be big and rolling their eyes at me ignoring my pleading to be nice to one another and me. This conviction of living in and sharing each moment.. taking in these precious moments before they grow old is only solidified when sweet things happen like this morning...
Lizzy was softly crying next to me at about 4 this morning and I rolled over to snuggle her realizing she was hungry I pulled her closer and just before she started eating she quietly said "ditt doo" (thank you). My heart melts and I thank my heavenly father for this precious gift that is my sweet Lizzy girl. Every moment is so dear. So for this glimpse in time, these few short months when my babies demand to be close I welcome them because it goes by just too fast.
It's easy to remember my position when I am so exhausted I can't remember if I washed my hair because when my sweet little E boy of 18 months wakes me up with a soft very wet kiss on my forehead and when I open my eyes he says "hi.. mommy!.. eew" he needs me and loves me. Love my job. Love my kids. Perhaps I'm doing it all wrong... but I'm so happy and blessed. And I'm taking it all in. Every moment.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lizzy Turns 1!

Its hard to believe its been a whole year since sweet Elizabeth was born. She has been the light of our family. So silly and loving. Full of smiles and kisses!
 Here is a collage of eah month. See how she's grown?!
 We will be celebrating on sat. Pictures to come!

 Birthday girl! So dang cute!

 Yummy sprinkled owl cupcake! She didn't want to make a

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

neglect of the blogs

Anyone who knows what stage of life I'm in right now understands that blogging is not high on my priority list. (Husband, babies, kids, sleep... or is it another way around? Lol) With two babies taking up my time and energy its difficult to make time for myself not to mention organize pictures, write and announce on the Internet.  My laptop becomes a new toy when out so it has found a permanent home on my shelf.. not my lap. I also must admit that due to foster regulations I am unable to post a certain adorable member of my family and therefore have rationalized that I'll get to it when I can post pics.. but this process seems to be taking longer than planned..  But despite this I know all our family and friends would like to know we haven't fallen off the grid (nearly). So, with a new years resolution and a new capable phone... today and this week I will be updating and catching up.. I have about 5 months... here I go!


These girls adore each other. Right now nearly 7 years apart they are best friends. Lizzy screams and giggles when Evelyn gets home from school. And they would play all evening if I let them. I sure hope it stays this way for them as the years pass. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

This year's Christmas rivaled all other years. We are so very truly blessed! Can you believe how many stocking there are?! Wowza
We had the traditional home made cinnamon rolls for breakfast after opening stockings. I make the dough the night before and sneak upstairs to put them in the oven and then we all wake to the smell of cinnamon rolls. Iced and hot! 
 Lizzy and her stocking candy cane. 
 Evelyn got a barbie car!
 Egan got a science kit!
 There really is so many good wonderful pictures and gifts to show. Most have our dearest little Eli boy in them so until I can show his pictures we will leave it at this. 
We are so very grateful for all the abundant blessings this year first and foremost our savior Jesus Christ.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 2013

 We had a great November! Here is a cute one of Lizzy in the sink. silly girly. 
Spent Thanksgiving with family and had ourselves a little vacation at great wolf lodge. Its an indoor water park with restaurants, arcades, mini golf, quests, and tons more! Kids loved it. We didn't get pics of the water park because i didn't want to take my phone near the water.. huh!
 Egan and his wand for the quests.
 Lizzy and Evelyn ready to go swimming!

Evelyn got a glitter tattoo!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Harward Halloween 2013

 We had a great Halloween in 2013. The kids got loads of candy and were wired for days! Here are a few pictures of the costumes, pumpkins and fun. We were all from the Wizard of OZ, Aaron the scarecrow, me the wicked witch, Egan the tornado, Evelyn Glenda the good witch, Eli the Lion, and Lizzy Dorothy. I had a ton of fun making the costumes this year.
Here is a few pictures of Lizzy's session with JCP in October. Love her little tongue!